Aquage Freezing Spray, 10 oz
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Brand: Aquage

Product Description

Aquage Freezing Spray is a fast-drying, firm-holding fine-mist finishing spray. Its the ultimate tool for creating long lasting style retention. It freezes hair in place with extra-holding power while creating maximum shine. Freezing Spray also protects hairs natural moisture balance as it locks out humidity. Aquage Finishing Spray is the ideal tool for locking in your style with the shape and texture you've created. Its especially effective in high humidity climates.

 Aquage Freezing Spray:

  • Fine-mist aerosol spray
  • Freezes hair in place to lock in style, volume and shine
  • Fast-drying 
  • Extra-firm holding power 
  • Creates luminous shine 
  • Maximum humidity-resistance 
  • Environmentally-friendly low VOC formula 
  • Size: 10 oz