Beautify Beauties Hair Brush, Best Detangler Brush for All Hair Types - Black
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Product Description

  • DETANGLE HAIR WITH EASE – Effortlessly detangle your knots, tangles and tugs on both wet and dry hair. Perfect for men, women and children, this hair brush will eliminate knots with ease.
  • MINIMIZES HAIR LOSS - The softness of the bristles is delicate enough on your hair which eliminates breakage and strengthens hair. Bristles are soft, yet flexible enough to get rid of stubborn tangles.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY HAIR TYPE – Beautify Beauties Detangler Brush works on all hair types! Whether you have long, short, curly, wavy, straight, thick or thin hair, this brush separates the most stubborn tangles and eliminates knots without any tugging or breakage.
  • SOFT AND FLEXIBLE BRISTLES – The bristles have great flexibility, but remain firm in order to brush through your hair. The bristles adapt to your hair type and put an end to breakage without tugging, tearing or ripping
  • STRENGTHENS HAIR FROM ROOT TO TIP – The tip of the bristles massage the scalp while you comb your hair. This strengthens the roots by stimulating blood circulation at the follicle, improving the quality and health of your scalp and hair.

Want a product that detangles your hair without damaging or pulling? Check out Beautify Beauties Detangling Brush! This brush is a DIY detangling brush which gives a salon like treatment to detangle your hair with utmost ease in the comfort of your home. Perfect for anyone - men, women and children can use it, to detangle their wet or dry hair. It eliminates the stubborn knots, tugs, tangles without any hair loss and breakage. This product will save you time and money with those stubborn knots. It creates miracles on all types of hair, whether it is curly, thick, thin, straight, wavy etc. It works great on both wet and dry hair! It’s an effortless way to get a silky smooth hair without any tugging, pulling and ripping of the hair. The brush has soft bristles, which means they are ultra-thin and flexible, yet very strong and comfortable to use on the most sensitive scalps. The bristles easily bounce back to their original shape after every stroke while combing through your hair. The balls of the bristles produce massaging affect to the scalp. This action strengthens the roots by stimulating the blood circulation at the root follicle, thereby improving the quality and the health of the scalp and its hair.