Beautify Beauties Wet Brush Pink - glossy,
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Product Description

INNOVATIVE DESIGN TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS: Specially-designed detangler with multi-height bristles and alternating rows to glides through, untangling stubborn knots as you comb. SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Whether you have curly, straight, fine, or thick hair, the Beautify Beauties Detangling Hair Brush promises to help you improve your hair’s health. Increasing its shine and volume, giving you soft, shiny, luxurious hair. KID FRIENDLY: Take the ouch out of brushing children’s hair, simply brush as normal after showering or before bedtime. This detangling brush is gentle on a child’s scalp which means no more yanking on tangles. LESS HAIR BREAKAGE: Beautify Beauties Detangling Hair Brush helps minimize hair breakage, loss, and split ends. This unique, professional detangling hair brush smoothly glides through your hair and has the ability to softly detangle every knot, even on wet or dry hair, without ripping it out. EASY TO CLEAN: The unique bristle alignment makes this brush easy to clean and maintain. Just run the detangling brush through warm water after conditioning or oil treatment to keep from bacteria accumulating on the brush.