Big Bondini Plus HypoAllergenic Nail Glue 0.14 oz, 12 bottles
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Product Description

Big Bondini Plus Nail Glue is the one nail glue that does it all! The fast drying, hypo-allergenic formula makes applying nails, tips, and wraps quick and easy. Use it on sensitive skin to repair cracked or broken nails too! The easy to use design ensures pinpoint accuracy, while the clean hands applicator prevents glue buildup. Big Bondini is the last nail glue you'll ever need!

Big Bondini Plus HypoAllergenic Nail Glue 

  • Use to Mend Broken Nails
  • Over 200 drops per each bottle!
  • Convenient fast drying formula.
  • Applies & repairs nails, tips, wraps.
  • Hypo-allergenic formula for sensitive skin.
  • Size:0.14 oz, 12 bottles