Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser
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$ 16.46

Brand: Bio Ionic

Product Description

The Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser hair dryer attachment fits all Bio Ionic (except Bio Ionic Travel Dryer) and most other dryers. It has a stretchable rubber inlet is which allows almost any dryers a snug fit. It is heat resistant, durable and lightweight. It has 12 air outlets for faster drying time.

Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser
  • Customized for all Bio Ionic and most non Bio Ionic hair dryers
  • The Bio Ionic utilises super charged NanoIonic technology to naturally emit Negative Ions and Far Infared Energy to infuse moisture deep into the hair shaft and seal the cuticle.
  • The results are fast drying, longer-lasting, and frizz-free curls. 
  • Leaves a hair more moisture
  • Maintains the color and vibrancy of hair
  • Heat resistant, durable and lightweight
  • 12 air outlets for faster drying time
  • Ideal for curly, wavy hair