Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc Powder, 9 oz
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Brand: Clubman

Product Description

Clubman Pinaud FINEST Talc Powder, Founded in France in 1810, helps to speed healing and causes no stinging or skin irritation. Clubman products help keep your face neat and tidy, whether you are clean shaven or sport the biggest moustache or beard in town. From top quality shave talc, moustache wax, and styptic aids Clubman products will make a noticeable and more comfortable difference. 

Clubman Pinaud FINEST Talc Powder 9 oz:

  • Made from the Finest Natural Talc
  • Dims face shine as it helps to hide nicks and blemishes
  • Lightly scented with the Classic Clubman Signature scent
  • Prevents moisture and and perspiration.
  • Stops bleeding caused by minor surface cuts and abrasions that may occur during Shaving
  • Size: 9 oz