Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray 6.7 Fl oz
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Brand: Color Wow

Product Description

We love coloring our hair, but unfortunately, all of that color processing can lead to frizz. Color chemicals tend to make your hair more porous by degrading the outer cuticle layer. When dreaded moisture gets in, your hair frizzes out. Dream Coat takes that textile technology and covers each hair strand with an invisible waterproofing cloak. The heat-activated polymer works to compress, tighten, and seal the hair strands so that the hair is sleek and smooth. 

How To Use: After shampooing and conditioning, apply Dream Coat to damp, towel-dried hair. Spray the product liberally and evenly on your hair section by section. You can either let your hair air dry or you can blow dry it. Dream Coat’s humidity proofing formula is heat activated. Humidity proofing can last up to 72 hours or 2-3 shampoos. Reapply after this time has passed. If desired, Color Wow Cocktail can be applied before the Dream Coat application. For best results, do not apply wet stylers to hair during Dream Coat application.