DevaCurl Mister Right Curl Revitalizer, 12 oz
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Brand: DevaCurl

Product Description

This enriched curl refresher and scalp rejuvenator is infused with lavender and is an excellent solution for reactivating frizz-free curls between cleansing and conditioning without the drying effects of a dry shampoo. Deodorize, refresh, and revitalize your curls. For mornings when you simply want to revive your curls, spritz DevaCurl Mist-er Right. 

DevaCurl Mister Right Curl Revitalizer:

  • A lavender-infused curl refresher
  • Scalp rejuvenator
  • 100% sulfate free hair care system.
  • Helps revitalize even the most delicate, tired curls
  • Renew, refresh, rejuvenate, relax with mist-er right
  • Spa treatment for curls
  • Alcohol-free
  • Size:12 oz