Dosis De Besos Eau De Parfum by Alejandra Espinoza 3 pc gift set 6.72 fl oz
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$ 15.99

Brand: Dosis

Product Description

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that discerning loved one, then this is it. The Dosis De Besos eau de parfum gift set is beautifully packaged to make anyone jump around in pure glee. Every time they spray-on that sensational perfume, every time the silky body lotion makes them feel like Cleopatra, they’ll have you to thank for it!  You want a parfum spray for women that keeps you fresh all day, right? You want a body lotion that leaves you on cloud nine without any of the nasty irritations, right? This divine set already understands this! So with every spray of the perfume, with every dab of the lotion, you’re hit with a delicious combination of lively Sicilian citron and effervescent Granny Smith Apples, are softened and ethereally blended with the intensity of freesia, jasmine, earthy musk and amber to provide a stunning perfume that’s both overwhelming and irresistible, like the joy of living. 


Product Features:

- Set comes packed with perfume (100ml), cologne (10ml) and body lotion (100ml).

- Beautiful scent with top notes of Sicilian Bergamont and Brazilian Orange

- Beautifully packaged.

- Gentle on skin and fabrics.

- Exclusive signature blend of Alejandra Espinoza.