Dosis Perfume Gift Set By Alejandra Espinoza
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$ 14.05

Brand: Dosis

Product Description


De Passion, 20 ml offers the effervescence of citrus combined with refreshingly energizing fruit blends, with a touch of balsam and vanilla musk.
De Amor, 20 ml highlights top notes of cassis and bergamot for a luminous aroma that's enhanced with sandalwood, vanilla and a sensual musk.
De Carino, 20 ml is for a dramatically sensational blend of fragrances that awakens the senses.
  • STYLISH AND COMPACT BOTTLE; the sensual curves and rich hues of color give the bottle a glamorous look. Its compact design makes it ideal for carrying in a small purse, for freshening-up wherever, whenever.
  • ALLURING FRAGRANCE; formulated with pure essential oils for a naturally fresh fruity scent that lasts for hours. Each spray of Dosis Fragrance is the perfect dosage of love which lures, hypnotizes and captivates.
  • COST SAVING; cheaper to buy combo pack than individual fragrances. When there are two or three women in the house, this giftset allows each one to have their favorite Dosis perfume while saving money.
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA; With the luxury of variety, they'll enjoy variations of awesome fruity scents which they can share with women.
  • FRUITY FRAGRANCE COMBO: includes 3 great scents by Alejandra Espinoza. Pack includes 20ml bottles of the energizing effervescence of De Passion, the luminous sensuality of De Amor and the dramatically calming De Carino.