Dudu Osun Black Soap
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Brand: Dudu Osum

Product Description

Dudu Osun Black Soap is crafted entirely from natural ingredients and herbs, many handpicked in Africa. Full of aloe vera and natural vitamins, Dudu Osun restores damaged skin and is helpful in healing chronic eczema, acne, freckles, and dark spots. Scented with osun (camwood extract), citrus juices, and native honey. A traditional African cleanser, Dudu Osun Black Soap will have you feeling revitalized and silky smooth.

 Dudu Osun Black Soap

  • Specially formulated entirely from natural ingredients and herbs
  • Helps to restore skin damage
  • Naturally Cleansing Skin
  • Beneficial in treating the symptoms of chronic eczema, acne, freckles and dark spots
  • Bio-degradable soap with no preservatives, artificial colors
  • 100% Natural Soap containing no artificial ingredients 
  • Benefits against premature facial lines and wrinkles
  • Great For Any Skin Type