Dynamik Muscle Gamma Ray Melon Massacre 30 servings, 10 Ounces
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Product Description

Gamma-Ray - Photonic Pump Formula - Stimulant-Free is a scientifically engineered formula for pumps that enter the gym and feel the fastest working, blood gorging, pump producing imaginable. The difference between the average person in the gym and the top amateur and pro bodybuilders are the 3D-round muscles they carry. It goes way beyond muscle to produce this look. These athletes have the ability to increams blood flow to and from the muscle better than the normal person. With Gamma-Ray we are able to level the playing field and bring you closer to achieving the same results as the top physiques in the world. Gamma-Ray's vasodilating properties also allow for nutrients to travel through the blood vessels at lightening speed, creating an ultimate anabolic environment for amino acids to rush into the muscle creating opportunities for new muscle mass. So not only will you look great while training in the gym, but you'll be building muscle at a faster rate out of the gym with Gamma-Ray.