Fake Bake Mistifier Oil-free Moisturizer, 4 oz
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$ 12.53

Brand: Fake Bake

Product Description

The Fake Bake Mistifier Oil-Free Moisturizer is an ideal companion to your Fake Bake Sunless tanner. Enriched with lightweight emollients, it is designed to hydrate with Green Tea, Vitamin E, ginger root and aloe. Achieving a perfect tan without skin irritation is the ultimate aim of this easy-to-apply moisturizer as having well-hydrated skin ensures a more uniform, longer-lasting, healthier-looking tan from head to toe. The presence of aloe ensures a soothing, refreshing feeling even on irritated or burned skin.

Fake Bake Mistifier Oil-free Moisturizer

  • For a perfectly even self-tanning experience
  • The ideal companion to your Fake Bake sunless tanner
  • This formula combines lightweight emollients and hydrators with green tea, vitamin E, ginger root and aloe for a
  • Has refreshing sensation that calms irritation.
  • The added moisture ensures a more uniform, long-lasting, healthy-looking tan from head to toe.
  • Size; 4 oz