Fibermate 160 Tablets
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Brand: Aloe Life

Product Description

Fiber Mate Tablets - Natural Stool Softener * is made from the highest quality vegetables and herbs free from harmful sprays providing natural occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, friendly intestinal probiotics(DDS-1 strain), chlorophyll and healthy food fiber necessary for a healthy intestinal tract, regularity, and even freshens your breath. Gluten Free & Dairy Free formula is free of psyllium, cascara, senna, oat, wheat bran, ground flax seeds that can each be very irritating to the intestinal lining.

  • Each 3 tablets of Fiber Mate is approximately 1/4 cup of green vegetables which aids to freshen your breath, acts as a natural diuretic for unwanted water weight and supports daily nutrition and regularity.
  • Contains 16 vegetables and herbs to include anti-parasitic herbs, building nutrients, which support a decrease of candida (yeast) and unhealthy bowell conditions  Fiber Mate includes; Beets, Apple Pectin, Carrot Fiber, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, Sprouted Wheat grass, Alfalfa Powder, Black Walnut Husk, Kelp, Jerusalem Artichoke, and more.
  • It is wonderful for nursing and pregnant women and helps with infant constipation if mother is breastfeeding.
  • When taken with Aloe Life juices Fiber Mate supports detoxification and tissue cleansing that may lend support for a healthy liver and optimum health of the body.

Directions: 3-6 tablets taken daily, amount varies per individual needs. Fiber Mate is not a laxative (considered a stool softener and regulator) and can be used daily. Fibermate is very effective but is not a bulking fiber so make sure to include plenty of raw scrubing vegetables in the diet as tolerated such as carrots, celery, cabbage, beets, etc. Great for children and adults. *Tablets can be ground finely in a coffee grinder, etc. for toddlers or individual who prefer powder. The FM Powder will be back in stock 2014.