Fromm #364 Barber Razor Strop Belt Dressing, 4 oz
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Brand: FROMM

Product Description

Razor Strop Dressing is usually thought of for leather razor strops, but we have found that its benefits extend to any smooth leather strops. Rubbing the dressing into the smooth leather of a strop gives just the right amount of drag to the surface for optimal stropping. Please note that we recommend the Razor Strop Dressing for smooth leather strops, not suede.

Fromm #364 Barber Razor Strop Belt Dressing:

  • Maintains the naturally soft and supple leather surface of strops.
  • Increases drag on the blade for improved sharpening.
  • Directions: Using a soft cloth and a circular motion, rub dressing into the face of the leather. Let dry for 24 hours. Repeat!