Jarrow Formulas Fem Dophilus, 30 Capsules 
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Product Description

Fem-dophilus™ contains twopatented and clinically proven probiotic strains, Lactobacillus GR-1™ and Lactobacillus RC-14™ discovered and developed by Dr. Gregor Reid and Dr. Andrew Bruce at Urex Biotech. Over 20 years of research supports the oral use of GR-1™brand and RC-14™brand to colonize and protect the vaginal tract.* Clinical trials have shown that GR-1™brand and RC-14™brand: Help to maintain or restore a healthy vaginal flora which is important in maintaining vaginal health

Jarrow Formulas Fem-Dophilus Highlights:

  • Oral Probiotic for Natural Vaginal Health
  • Clinically-Documented Benefits
  • 20+ Years of Clinical Research
  • Patented Lactobacilli: GR-1 and RC-14
  • Prevention Magazine: Top 10 Breakthrough '07