Jarrow Formulas QH-Absorb, 100 mg
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Product Description

Ubiquinol is the reduced (active antioxidant) state of Co-Q10, the form produced by our cells and is significantly better absorbed as a supplement, particularly as we age. Jarrow Formulas QH-absorb is a proprietary enhanced stability formula, which has been clinically shown in humans to increase Co-Q10 levels up to 777% (6.14x) over baseline at 300 mg per day intake.

Jarrow Formulas QH-Absorb:

  • Q-Absorb High-Absorption System
  • Active Antioxidant Form of Co-Q10
  • Results in Higher Blood Levels Than Co-Q10*: Especially for older consumers
  • Ubiquinol High Absorption Softgel: 100 mg