Keracolor Color Plus Clenditioner Honey 12 Ounce
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Product Description

Color:Honey Color:Honey Foam is notyour friend! Shampoos that lather up richly do so by using harsh ingredientsthat can cause drying and breakage of the hair. This low-foam clenditionercleans away dirt and debris while depositing true and rich color. Our mottois-do no harm, so we've eliminated parabens from our formulations as well. Formaximum intensity, apply to dry hair or do multiple applications until desiredcolor is achieved. To maintain achieved tone, alternate with Clenditioner.Brand Story Keracolor creates dual purpose products to strengthen hair andcombat color erosion. Our formulas have been developed to strengthen the hair,maximize longevity and radiance of hair color Brand Story Keracolor createsdual purpose products to strengthen hair and combat color erosion. Ourformulas have been developed to strengthen the hair, maximize longevity andradiance of hair color

Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash - Instantly Infuse Color into Hair, 15 Colors | Cruelty Free Honey