Keune Care Line Color Brillianz Shampoo, 8.5 oz
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$ 15.58

Brand: Keune

Product Description

A gentle, daily shampoo, Keune Care Line Color Brillianz Shampoo was created specifically for color treated hair. The formula, featuring Keune's Color Sealing Complex with Sunflower Seed Extract, Solamer and LP300 color stabilizer, enhances the vibrancy of colored hair, reduces fading and provides natural UV protection.

Keune Care Line Color Brillianz Shampoo:

  • Protects the hair from UV exposure.
  • Provides spectacular softness and shine.
  • Color Sealing Complex ensures long lasting color brilliance.
  • Contains (Solamer) UV Protector and Sunflower Seed extract to protect the hair color.
  • This shampoo is for color treated hair.
  • Silk Proteins leave the hair silky, smooth and shiny. 
  • Size: 8.5 oz