Lanza Healing Pure Keratin Infusion, 5.1 oz
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$ 20.30

Brand: L'anza

Product Description

Keratin beads infuse protein and vitamin C directly into microscopic gaps left behind after deposits are removed by the clarifying process. Keratin bonds to the hair to dramatically improve strength, smoothness. Use immediately after Clarifying Shampoo to fill gaps left after purifying. Keratin Infusion can be used at home daily to fortify fragile hair.

Lanza Healing Pure Keratin Infusion:

  • Protein rich treatment to strengthen the hair.
  • Formulated with unique Keratin Beads
  • Releases Keratin Protein and Vitamin C on contact with the hair delivering it into each strand to deeply clarify and strengthen.
  • Fortifies and purifies the hair during the clarifying process.
  • Leaves the hair dramatically strengthened and fortified with a glossy finish and silky soft touch.
  • Ideal for all hair types