Phyto Phytolium 4 Thinning Hair Treatment, 0.118 Fl.Oz Per Vial/ 12 Vials
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$ 42.80

Brand: Phyto

Product Description

This hair treatment is a natural and effective alternative for those experiencing thinning hair due to androgenetic alopecia. Phytolium 4 is the first thinning hair treatment using Capicellpro, a botanical complex, developed to protect the follicle cells and extend hair's life cycle. Supported by 4 patents, this energizing botanical concentrate helps prevent hair thinning, encourages healthy hair growth and thickens the diameter of each hair strand.

PHYTO PHYTOLIUM 4 Thinning Hair Treatment:

  • Formulated to reduce hair thinning
  • Strengthens and adds density
  • Prolongs the life of existing hair.
  • Helps to encourage hair growth with Solanum Glycoproteins.
  • Eighty-eight percent clinically effective
  • Supports healthy new hair growth
  • Paraben- free
  • Sulfate- free  
  • Size: 12 vials/ 0.118 fl. oz. ea