Pravana Vivids Locked in Purple, 3 fl.oz.
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Brand: Pravana

Product Description

What it is: The fastest growing color brand in the nation ushers in another innovation to give long-lasting, intense hair color that does not transfer onto other strandsor into other colors! ChromaSilk VIVIDS. Locked-In is just as vibrant and durable as all the best-selling ChromaSilk VIVIDS Collection colors. However, Locked-In colors do not transfer, run or move from where they are applied they are -Locked-In. Other ChromaSilk VIVIDS colors including NEONS and PASTELS can be blended to create a graduated fusion of colors along a hair strand. What it does: LockedIn Colors stay put and allow for total control of color precision and placement that lasts. Stretch beyond the realm of your imagination - create stripes, draw patterns or apply vibrant colors next to even the lightest blonde hair with no fear of transfer. What else you need to know: VIVIDS Collection colors are direct dyes that require no developers. The color of the VIVIDS mixture coupled with the level of lightened hair will produce the final hair color outcome. VIVIDS last longer with proper at-home maintenance by using VIVIDS Color Protect aftercare.

Pravana Vivids Locked in Purple, 3 fl.oz.

  • ChromaSilk VIVIDS are the most vibrant, long-lasting colors available anywhere.
  • These Semi-permanent colors and are applied directly to clean, dry, pre-lightened hair and is not mixed with any developer.