Design.Me Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist 0.32 Ounce
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Brand: Design.ME

Product Description

Puff.ME is a revolutionary spray powder that gives you lasting volume, hold and accuracy. Small bottle, big power. Just aim, shoot, and puff the volume of your hair with lasting hold for late nights and early mornings. Puff.ME gives you versatile control so you can create a messy, textured look or add another pump for insane volume. Traditional volumizing powders are sprinkled on the hair or rubbed in by hand resulting in messy, uneven use. Design.ME Hair Puff.ME offers a powder spray that releases the perfect amount of product for precise and clean application.

  • Cloud-burst of volume powder for high-precision root lift or texturizing.
  • Volumize morning-flat hair for day, or quickly pump and fluff hair for evening.
  • Works on all hair types from fine, medium and coarse as well as textured and curly.
  • No more awkward shaker type containers!
  • Easy application, pump releases precise amount of product.