Redcon1 Total War Pre-workout Gummy Candy 30 serv 15.3 oz
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Brand: Redcon1

Product Description

6 GRAMS CITRULLINE MALATE: That’s a massive dose of Citrulline. More than almost anyone you see in the market, but this is the level you need to have in a product to maximize it’s results. This ingredient is the best pump product available, but also works to increase muscular endurance. That’s why we lead with it.

FULLY DOSED PREWORKOUT: You won’t see any proprietary doses in our products. That’s a no no for Redcon1. This product is maxed out with efficacious doses of the scientifically studied ingredients we use. That means a better workout.

INTENSE ENERGY: We took the best stimulant’s on the market and combined them into one powerhouse. We have 250mg of caffeine, theobromine, and our secrete weapons: Eria Jerenis and DMHA. These two ingredients are an intense and impressive kick for energy.

PREPARE FOR WAR: This product isn’t for the feint of heart or the individuals only looking to hit a few sets and dip. No sir. This product is going to give you long lasting, powerful energy to allow you to crush your workout. Don’t believe us? Try it.