Reuzel Daily Shampoo 11.83 Ounce
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Brand: Reuzel

Product Description

This concentrated shampoo infused with Reuzel's Tonic Blend of witch hazel, nettle leaf, rosemary, and horsetail root is ideal for all hair types and frequent use. The shampoo helps provide effective cleansing and moisturizing benefits, while cooling and stimulating the scalp.

FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - This lightweight formulated shampoo is perfect for any hair type that needs a great, deep cleanse of the hair and scalp.

INVIGORATING AND HARD WORKING - This shampoo works hard on your damaged hair by smoothing the ends and stimulating the scalp. Invigorate and cleanse your scalp with this daily shampoo.

REMOVED BUILDUP AND DIRT - Gives you a deep clean, removing any excess dirt or styling product from your hair. Always feel clean and ready for the day when using this shampoo.

HELPS COOL AND TONE THE SCALP - Filled with ingredients to soothe an itchy or dry scalp, this daily shampoo will provide relief to you head, giving you a clean fresh feeling.

AMAZING FRAGRANCE - Loaded with white spearmint and a tonic blend of witch hazel, nettle leaf, and rosemary. All these scents blended together give your hair a fresh scent, even days after use.