Sparks Long-Lasting Bright Hair Color, 3 oz
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Brand: Sparks

Product Description

Try out Sparks Long ­Lasting Bright Hair Color for color that lasts. It comes in a variety of fun colors to match any style. This easy­-to-­apply formula will leave your hair looking healthy and bright. For best results, use Sparks 20 Vol Creme Developer to get the perfect base for the ultimate neon hair. Hair dyes can also be mixed with each other to create the exact hair color of your choice.

Sparks 20 Vol Creme Developer
If you love to switch up your hair color, try Sparks 20 Vol Creme Developer. This will give your hair the perfect base before applying color to your hair, without the damage lighteners can often create. For best results, use with Sparks powder lightener and check out Sparks variety of hair dye.

Sparks Powder Lightener
If you are wanting a hair color that really makes a statement, try our Sparks Powder Lightener with Sparks Creme Developer. This will lighten your natural hair pigment and create the perfect base before applying your hair color. This one-step process with help condition your hair as it lightens to achieve healthy looking hair and lasting color.