Style edit hair filler blonde
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$ 17.99

Brand: Style Edit

Product Description

This body-building formula creates dramatic density, volume and coverage. Naturally derived fibers adhere to thin hairs making them look fuller and feel thicker instantly. Style Edit hair filler is a convenient one-step aerosol spray. Fibers stay in place and do not fall off the hair shaft.

Style Edit Hair Filler Blonde:

  • Creates dramatic density, volume & coverage
  • Doesn’t flake & shampoos out
  • Easy, convenient one-step aerosol spray which works in seconds & dries in minutes
  • Microscopic cellulose fibers that are not visible to the naked eye & attach to the hair shaft & do not fall off
  • Does not require an additional spray to set
  • Safe to use with other hair loss treatments or hair transplant procedures
  • Size: 2.0 fl. oz