Vavoom Shape Maker Spray, 11 oz
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$ 19.44

Brand: Vavoom

Product Description

A spray that creates definition and separation. Vavoom Shape Maker features Rapid Reshape Technology that provides reworkable style and shine. Provides style that is easy to work and shine that does not compromise hold. Ensures 24-hour humidity resistance, 24-hour frizz fighting and 24-hour bounce back hold even in 97% humidity.

Vavoom Shape Maker Spray:

  • Keeps a light to medium hold factor
  • 24-hour humidity resistance
  • 24-hour frizz fighting
  • 24-hour bounce-back hold even in 97% humidity
  • No sticking, no unwanted remnants
  • Makes your hair style flexible and natural
  • Makes your hair pleasant to touch
  • Size: 11 oz