Youthair Creme, For Men and Women 16 fl oz
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Brand: Youthair

Product Description

Instantly cover unwanted gray hair. Color comb from Clubman has a cream based and quick-drying formula to instantly blend in natural color right where you want it. Ideal for use on hairline, moustache, beard, sideburns, and eyebrows.Use gentle strokes to lightly blend in color where desired. Use heavier strokes for coarse facial hair or where deeper coverage may be desired. Blend with comb applicator.

Youthair Creme, For Men and Women

  • Youthair is a color restoring, conditioning treatment for hair that is used by thousands of men to make them look and feel younger.
  • Youthhair helps to replace the color that hair loses as it begins to gray. Its unique formula provides long lasting, natural results.
  • Youthair allows you to choose how much or how little gray you want.
  • Within 3 weeks of daily use, hair color will gradually be restored to its natural shade. No more complicated, messy dyes. No shade selection to match. Easy one-step application.
  • Size: 16 fl oz