Top Clipper Hair Trends of Today

Hair cuts and styles are constantly changing throughout the decades. Both women and men have had particular favorite styles that dominated salons and barber shops around the world. This leads to certain techniques that will be preferable to others for a time. Clipper cuts that can be achieved with Wahl shavers are a popular choice for many individuals today. Here are some popular hair trends that can easily be achieved with your Wahls.

The Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a clean and simple look to create. For men who like an easy-to-care-for look that’s easy to create, just grab your Wahl shavers and decide how long you want your hair. While your hair is dry, run the clippers over your scalp with a guard of the desired length. It’s that simple. You can also use shorter guards to blend the sides up into the top hair length.


The undercut has become one of the go-to hairstyles for men. This hairstyle was exceptionally popular in the 1980s and has recently come back into favor. To create the undercut, you will cut the sides short and tight, perhaps even creating a small fade effect. You will then leave the top much longer. Having a Wahl trimmer for in-between visits to the barber to keep the sides well groomed is highly advised.  

Fade Away

Similar on the sides to the undercut, the fade is created using clippers to very gradually go from short to a longer length on top. The desired look creates a very visible fade on the sides and back of the head. This is done by starting at the bottom with your Wahl shavers and a very small guard. After an inch or two, you switch to the next longest hair guard until you reach the desired length around the crown of the head.

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