Color Wow Root Cover Up- An Easy Way to Manage Your Hair

Sometimes it sucks when you wake up in the morning, and you are late for work, and your hair is undone. However, this can be managed by using wow root cover up. The product gives you an opportunity to manage your hair effectively without having to go the salon regularly.

Unlike other root covers, color wow root cover up is a professionally manufactured powder which covers your hair without making it oily or sticky. Besides, the hair covers up is resistant to water making it suitable for people who love to swim.


  • Long lasting results
  • Water resistant
  • Non-sticky
  • Naturally, rhymes with different hair colors
  • Different color varieties
  • Can be cleaned using a shampoo
  • Dual-tipped brush
Immediately after using your root cover you get to see results in few minutes. It gives you long lasting results which mean that you do not need to keep on applying it daily.
The powder is professionally manufactured allowing easy absorption by your hair. Besides, it also lets you prepare your applications within a short period.
No layering
The root cover up does not stick to your hairline or form layers. It only sticks to your hair, so you don’t need to worry.
Easy to use
The powder is easy to prepare and also apply giving you quick results after application. You don't need to be a pro or a professional to make the application.
No staining
The root cover does not contain dyes thus preventing your scalp from staining. Even during those hot nights, you don’t need to worry about the pillows.
High quality
Under normal usage, the product last for three months. This gives you the power to manage your hair by customizing the way you would love it. Also the fact that the root cover is water resistant allows you to go swimming without worrying about your hair.
How to use

Wash your hair with a shampoo and part it dry. Ensure that your hair is completely dry or styled. Use your dual enclosed brush to customize your cover application. Apply small quantities of the root cover starting with the roots towards the ends until the roots disappear. Repeat the same until the powder is evenly distributed. Do not wash your hair.

After application, do not wash your hair, leave it until it is necessary for you to wash your hair. The product gives you everlasting results and allows you to easily manage your hair at a lower cost. It gives you a terrific advantage by covering up your hair over growths and makes your hair look natural and elegant.
Color Wow Root Cover Up Dark Brown
For those people who have gray hair, application of this product helps improve your confidence by giving your hair beautiful look. Though the complication is thought to be genetic, research has shown premature gray hair is accelerated by smoking or lack of melamine and other vitamins which influence our hair color. The root cover ensures that essential minerals have been supplied to your hair giving it a new look. The roots cover up is portable and is the best choice for you when you are traveling.
Summing up

Color Wow Root Cover up helps you save time and money that could have been spending on dyes by giving your hair a WOW look. It is also a perfect way to manage your gray hair giving you quick and long lasting results.

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