Summer Skin Care Tips

Maintaining beautiful skin is a tough task to take on, and it’s one that we all hope to accomplish. Something that we fail to realize, though, is that every season requires different care tactics in order to accommodate for the different climates and changes that each season does bring. One of the seasons that we see people struggling with skin care the most during is summer, and since it is in full swing, we are going to tackle a few common care tips that could provide you with the answer so those breakouts we hate seeing.

Makeup Remover

Makeup is an incredible thing. It allows for us to draw attention to our strong features while covering up any blemishes or scars that we might be self-conscious of. The only downside to makeup is that it isn’t very gentle on our skin. Something that is especially important to remember during the summer is how much the makeup that we put on can affect our skin on a regular basis. For that reason, it’s important to have a makeup remover that you feel confident in.

The foundation that you wear can be especially damaging to your skin. When you cake this onto your face, you may be covering up blemishes and scars, but you are also covering up your pores, which leads to dirty and closed up pores. Unfortunately, when that happens, you are building up so much gunk in your skin that you’re practically signing up for a breakout. By washing your face when you do wear makeup, you are minimizing the chances of your skin breaking out from makeup, thus reducing your need for makeup in the long run.


Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, and it requires extra care. Being one of the more sensitive organs, it’s important that you are prepared to keep it protected when you’re planning on being out and about. There are plenty of ways that you can ensure there’s SPF on your face. Plenty of moisturizers and makeup brands are now offering makeup that includes SPF, thus reducing the chance of you getting burnt in the first place!


Another common theme for summer days is sunburn! This darned thing is known for its ability to dry up our skin and leave it peeling. Our last point mentioned sunscreen, which is no doubt one of the most important things you can do, but in the case that you do wind up with a sunburn and your face starts to peel, exfoliating is a must. One of our favorite products, especially in the summer, is this Gommage Visage Radiance Boosting Scrub. The citric smell really contributes to the feels of summer, but the scrub itself will leave your skin glowing and free of the dead skin from the sunburn.

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  • JesseA says...

    Very well explained. I know a bit about summer skincare. My skincare routine is mostly homemade. I learned a few natural home remedies for daily skincare from but these natural products may be worth trying.

    On March 07, 2022

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