The Downside of Drugstore Hair Products Part 2

You may think you are saving money by purchasing drugstore hair products, but is saving a few bucks really worth it?

No one wants to spend more on their hair care products than they have to, but when it comes to your hair, settling for low quality, drugstore care products may come with a bigger cost than you think. In our last blog, we talked about how drugstore products actually cost more in the long run, contain fillers and have a higher pH level than they should. Today, we will be going over the last reason why you should avoid drugstore hair products, which is the ingredients they contain. Here are a few common ingredients in drugstore hair care products to watch out for:

#1. Water

Is the first ingredient listed on your shampoo or conditioner water? If so, it’s a sure sign that manufacturer has watered down the product to make it seem like you are getting more than you really are.

#2. Sulfates

Sulfates are responsible for making your shampoo sudsy and lathering. Unfortunately, sulfates are also responsible for drying out your hair and stripping it of color. Daily use of shampoos that contain sulfates can also lead to dandruff, an itchy scalp and, in extreme cases, even hair loss.

#3. Alcohol

While alcohol is found in many hair care products, even professional ones, it is typically found in much higher quantities in drugstore hair products. Products that have high alcohol contents will leave your hair feeling dry and stripped of the protein it needs.

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