Things That Have Your Skin Breaking Out

There’s no doubt about it, a bad breakout is one of the worst things that can happen. It’s as if they’re perfectly timed so that regardless of when they do decide to happen, you’ve always got something that you wish it could have waited for.

If you’re noticing that your skin is breaking out for no good reason at all, you are likely even more frustrated. Rather than immediately assume that karma’s out to get you, here are a few things that could be causing that breakout that came out of nowhere.

Your Diet

It would be some world if every little thing that we ate didn’t greatly affect us. Unfortunately, the food that you’re eating will have an effect on more than just your weight. Did you know that the food that your eating can actually be one of the main reasons that your skin is having such a bad breakout?

If your diet has dropped in quality lately, and you seem to be enjoying foods that are slightly higher in oil (we’re looking at you pizza), then this could be where that breakout came from! Even though it may be hard, put aside the greasy junk food for a week or two and you should start to notice that your skin clears up quickly. It may be hard, but that’s much better than having the bad toxins of the food you’re eating be pushed through your pores, am I right?

Not Enough Water

Hydration plays a party in many aspects of our healthy skin. Not only does it give us the elasticity that we love, but it flushes out the toxins that we were mentioning above. If you’re not drinking enough water, your body may be having a tough time pushing out those toxins. When that happens, our pores get blocked up, creating an oily surface and those bad breakouts.

You might be able to narrow down if this is the issue you’re having just by looking at the size of your pores. If they’re larger than they usually are, they may be begging for some way to clear out the dirt in them, and their only method to do so is to open up wider. Unfortunately, that only allows for more dirt and grime to get stuck into them.

Start back up with your daily regimen of water and see how your skin reacts to that!

You’re Not Washing Right

Sometimes the biggest mistake that we’re making with our skin is not giving it the work and quality that it deserves. If you’re buying any of our online skin care products, then there’s a good chance you’ve got the quality down. However, your skin deserves a good wash. One of the reasons that skin can breakout is because it isn’t being washed as thoroughly as it needs to be. When this happens, our pores remain clogged, our skin remains oily, and our product does virtually nothing for skin.

Maybe your schedule has been a little hectic lately and you haven’t been giving your skin the wash that it deserves. If that’s the case, start designating a time for you to wash your skin. It may add some time to your routine, but it will also yield the results that you’ve been waiting for.

Your skin can break out for so many different reasons, there’s no real way for us to put our finger on what it is that’s causing you to breakout right now. By taking the time to try different products, give your skin the care that it deserves and invest in the process of caring for your skin, you may find a way that works best for your skin specifically. When you order our quality products and stay up to date with our blog, you will have what it takes to care for the skin that you have been dying to have.

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