Why You Need an Electric Razor

If you’ve been using a cartridge-style razor, it’s time to experience the many benefits of investing in a high quality electric razor.

Cartridge-based razors are cheap and plentiful, but when you want the best shave, they just don’t cut it! If you’ve never used a high quality electric razor, you’re in for a whole new shaving experience. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you need to make the switch to a Wahl clipper:

#1. You’ll save money.

Believe it or not, investing in an electric razor can actually help you save money, especially when you consider the fact that high quality razors, like ours, can last for years. The initial investment in an electric razor can be intimidating, but when you don’t have to drop $20 every time you need more cartridges, the savings will quickly add up.  

#2. Say goodbye to cuts, nicks and ingrown hairs.

Cuts, nicks and ingrown hairs are an unfortunate reality when you use a cartridge-based razor. Electric razors provide a much safer shave, and since they stay sharper than cartridge-based razors, you’ll avoid many different skin irritations.

#3. You won’t need to purchase any extra grooming items.

With a cartridge-based razor, you need all kinds of grooming items for a close, safe shave, including shaving cream, aftershave, etc. However, with many electric razors, you don’t even need water to shave!

These are just a few of the many reasons to invest in a high quality electric razor. Learn more when you stay tuned for our next blog.

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