AG Hair Cosmetics Bigwigg Root Spray Volumizer for Unisex, 10 oz
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Brand: AG Hair

Product Description

Targeted at the roots, this volumizer boosts flat, lifeless hair. Alcohol-free, it doesn’t dry out hair and works for all hair types and lengths.

 AG Hair Cosmetics Bigwigg Root Spray Volumizer for Unisex:

  • Pea sprout extract rebalances the lifecycle of hair by prolonging the growth(anagen) phase
  • Improving hair density and fullness
  • Organic tilicene increases volume by forming a protective and supportive film on hair
  • Ginseng root extract eencourages hair growth by stimulating the scalp’s metabolism bringing nutrient-rich blood to roots
  • Ginger root extract is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic
  • Rosemary leaf creates a healthy environment for hair growth by disinfecting and soothing the scalp
  • Size: 10 oz