Matrix Universal Creme Developer 20 Volume
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Brand: Matrix

Product Description

What it is: Matrix has launched four new developers. Matrix Cream Developer 10, 20, 30 and 40 Volume. Can be used with all Matrix SoColor, Color Sync, Dream.Age, Wonder.brown and Logics shades, along with V-Light Powder Lightener. What it does: The new development of Matrix color provides professionals with conistent, rich, creamy texture for all color formulas. "Regardless of whether you're working with 10 Volume or 40 Volume, highlighting or lowlighting," says Matrix Artistic Director Patrick McIvor, "Your color 'medium' is always consistent with this new developer system." What else you need to know: The system also helps reduce inventory in color dispenaries. Now owners and stylists no longer have to stock mulitple dedicated developers for Matrix hair color brands.