Milk Shake Leave in Conditioner
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Brand: Milk Shake

Product Description

Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner is used to condition natural or lightly dry hair or to add increased comb-ability to damaged hair. Milk and casein proteins integrate and strengthen the inner structure. Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner is infused with fruit extracts and honey, a special silicon and hydrating and conditioning agents, to revitalize and add shine and comb-ability. The exclusive Integrity 41 formula , a Vitamin E extract, protects and improves your hair color. Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner has sun filters which adds protection from the sun. 

Milk Shake Leave in Conditioner:

  • Generates optimum inner hair moisture balance and outer hair protection.
  • The milk proteins and fruit extracts help to revitalize and improve shine.Shampoo & Conditioning
  • Gives manageability to hair and protect its structure and moisture balance.
  • Milk proteins give strength to the hair's structure.
  • Fruit and honey extracts revitalize and gives shine to hair.
  • Integrity 41 and Vitamin E protect from UV rays and help to maintain hair color.
  • A leave in conditioning spray for normal or dry hair.
  • For all hair types.