Style Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel - Shine 9 / Hold 10, 5.1 oz
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Brand: Sexy Hair

Product Description

Sexy Hair Hard Up is a high-performance gel that is great for all hair types, providing maximum hold and all day shine.On wet hair you can achieve a sculpted, spiked, sleek or refined look, on dry hair it allows for a messy tousled look. Maintain hard-to-hold styles all day and night with this fast-drying, no-flake gel made with keratin amino acids.

Style Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel:

  • Provides firm hold and control without flaking
  • Apply to dry hair to create a messy, tousled look
  • Use on wet hair for sleek, sculpted styles
  • Shine 9 / Hold 10
  • Hard Holding Gel
  • Slicked Back or Sky High Styles
  • Great for Course, Unruly Hair
  • Lock Your Style in Place 
  • Size: 5.1 oz