Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Hair

In order to achieve healthy, beautiful locks, you need to know about the bad hair habits to avoid.

Beautiful hair is one of the best accessories you can have, but many women have bad hair habits that damage their locks without them even knowing it! Here are a few of those habits:

#1. You take hot showers.

Don’t get us wrong, we know that there’s nothing more relaxing than letting the hot water cascade over you, but the hot water isn’t so good for your hair. Hot water can wash away the natural oils on your scalp that protect your hair. Plus, if you dye your hair, it can cause the dye to fade much faster.

#2. You don’t wash your hair often enough.

Dry shampoo has made it easier than ever before to skip your daily shampoo, but if you skip the shampoo too often, it could leave you with a buildup of product or dandruff on your scalp. This can actually clog your hair follicles and make it difficult for your hair to grow. Some experts will say to wash your hair every other day, while others will say that once a week is enough. In reality, it depends on a number of factors, including which products you use.

#3. You wash your hair too often.

Just as not washing your hair often enough can be damaging, so can washing your hair too often. If you wash your hair too often, it can strip it of its natural oils. This often leads to an overproduction of oils and a greasy look, because your body is trying to compensate for the oils you stripped from your hair. If you’re washing your hair every day, you are washing it too much.

#4. You take oral birth control pills.

Some oral birth control pills, particularly the ones that contain androgens, can actually weaken your hair, leading to excess thinning and shedding. If you think you may have an androgen sensitivity that is damaging your hair, talk to your doctor about switching to a different birth control pill. There are plenty of low-androgen options out there.

#5. You mishandle your hair when it’s wet.

When your hair is wet, it is much more fragile and prone to breakage than when it is dry. If you brush your hair out when it’s wet or towel-dry it too aggressively, you could end up losing a lot of hair. Instead, brush your hair out before you shower (when it’s still dry) and blot gently with a towel to dry it. It’s also important to wait until your hair is dry before you brush it.

#6. You don’t eat enough protein.

Your hair is mostly made up of protein, and if you don’t consume enough protein in your diet, it could lead to hair loss. Your protein intake should make up between 25 and 30 percent of your total calories, which is about 46 grams for most people.

#7. You wear tight hairstyles.

Nothing is easier than a ponytail or a cute braid, but it’s all too easy to pull your hair too tight in these kinds of styles. Pulling your hair tight puts excess tension on your hair follicles, which can permanently damage them. Try to wear your hair down as much as possible, and when you do put your hair up in a ponytail or a braid, keep it loose.

#8. You don’t protect your hair from the sun.

Many people are well aware of the fact that sun exposure can be harmful to the skin, but did you know that it is bad for your hair as well? UV rays can damage your hair, making it more prone to breakage. When you plan to go outside for long periods of time, wear a hat or a bandana to keep it protected.

#9. You don’t use the right brush.

A brush is just a brush, but believe it or not, not every brush works for every hair type. For example, natural bristle brushes tend to work well for people who have thick hair, but they create too much damage when used on fine hair. Finding the appropriate brush for your hair type can make a world of difference in keeping your hair healthy.

Now that you know about the bad hair habits to avoid, you can start taking great care of your hair by shopping with us today for the very best hair products!

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