Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

We all want to look our best, but it’s all too easy to make mistakes when applying your makeup.

With Beauty It Is, your go-to online beauty store, you’ll have all of the tools and products you need to look your best, but the right products will only get you so far. You also have to know how to use them correctly! Here are some of the most common makeup mistakes we run into and how to fix them:

Mistake #1. Neglecting to clean your makeup brushes.

If you have been wondering why your face is breaking out or your makeup just doesn’t look fresh, dirty makeup brushes may be to blame. Keeping your brushes cleaned properly can help to protect your skin and enhance your makeup, and you really only need a mild shampoo in order to clean them.

Mistake #2. Using the same foundation all year.

If you are like 90 percent of people, then your complexion can get between one and four shades darker during the summer months. Your foundation needs to be able to flawlessly match your skin tone now, not your skin tone three months ago, which means you should be changing your foundation when your skin starts to get darker.

Mistake #3. Not prepping your lips before applying lipstick.

Have you ever noticed that, when you apply lipstick to naked lips, it doesn’t last very long and it sometimes dries out your lips? When it comes to lipstick, a little preparation can go a long way. Add a small amount of light moisturizer (like the kind you use for your face) to your lips a few minutes before you put lipstick on. Your lipstick with glide on more evenly and smoothly, and it won’t wear off as quickly.

Mistake #4. Testing foundation in the wrong place.

Many women will smear a small amount of foundation on their wrist or hand to test the color, but this is a good way to end up with a shade that is a bit too dark for your face. You’re much better off testing foundation on your cheek or neck.

Mistake #5. Using an eyebrow pencil that’s too dark.

Dark, thick eyebrows are in style, but that doesn’t mean you should overdo it! As a general rule, if the eyebrow pencil you chose is the same color as your brows, it will probably look overly heavy or intense. Instead, choose one shade lighter than your actual color, and instead of drawing on the entire brow, draw a small line at the base of your brow and blend it upwards with a brush.

Mistake #6. Pulling on your eyelids when applying eyeliner.

Did you know that you can actually damage the elasticity of the sensitive skin around your eyes when you pull on it to apply eyeliner? This is a surefire way to get wrinkles, plus if your eye isn’t completely relaxed when applying eyeliner, you are likely to end up with an uneven line.

Mistake #7. Not contouring correctly.

Have you watched a million Youtube tutorials about contouring, but still can’t seem to master it? If so, you’re not alone. Many women don’t blend enough or they simply get the placement all wrong. Rather than going all out with professional contouring products, try using your usual foundation and a foundation that is a shade darker. This will be a much subtler, easy-to-master look.

Mistake #8. Applying too much blush to the wrong parts of your face.

Blush should give you a beautiful glow, not make you look like Pennywise the clown! Many women make the mistake of applying too much blush too low on their cheeks, which can drag the face down and look overly done-up. Instead, apply blush lightly to the apples of your cheeks.

At Beauty It Is, we know that knowledge is a powerful thing, even when it comes to your makeup! Now that you know about the common makeup mistakes to avoid, you can look and feel your best every single day. We are proud to be your go-to source for makeup online, and we have a ton of incredible options to choose from. Shop with us online today to find the perfect cosmetics for you, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help!

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