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The Best Beauty Accessories for Beautiful Eyes

Everyone has their favorite feature, and understanding how to play it to your advantage is something that you should know how to do. When it comes to your eyes, there are only three beauty products that you need so that you can feel beautiful each and every time. Now, we know that there is much more that goes into some of the beautiful masterpieces that our customers are capable of creating, but when it comes to the bare minimum of essentials, there are only three pieces that you should always have on hand, and these are them. Mascara It takes but one walk through the makeup aisles at your local store to realize that there are about 7 different brands...

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The Best Makeup Looks for Holiday Parties

Your makeup can make or break your holiday look. It’s that time again; time for cheesy, holiday movies, peppermint mochas and ugly Christmas sweaters. Over the next few weeks, you probably have one or two holiday parties to look forward to. Whether your holiday parties are for work, friends or family, you want to look your best, and you spend countless hours painstakingly selecting the perfect dress and shoes. Many women spend so much time shopping for their holiday outfits that they forget about the most important part: the makeup! Don’t match your holiday dress and shoes with just any makeup look! Keep reading to learn about the best makeup looks for holiday parties this year: Winged Eyeliner and a...

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Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

We all want to look our best, but it’s all too easy to make mistakes when applying your makeup. With Beauty It Is, your go-to online beauty store, you’ll have all of the tools and products you need to look your best, but the right products will only get you so far. You also have to know how to use them correctly! Here are some of the most common makeup mistakes we run into and how to fix them: Mistake #1. Neglecting to clean your makeup brushes. If you have been wondering why your face is breaking out or your makeup just doesn’t look fresh, dirty makeup brushes may be to blame. Keeping your brushes cleaned properly can help to...

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