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Why Sunscreen is a Must

It is so easy to forget how high temperatures can get in the peak of summer. Even a little bit of time spent outside can result in a brutal sunburn and long term downfalls with your skin. For that reason, so many new products are being sold with SPF as an active ingredient. If you’re stuck on the idea that any product with SPF in it is going to feel like the watered down sunscreen you lather up with before heading to the pool (but seriously, hopefully, your lotion isn’t too watery), then it’s time to change your mindset. At Beauty It Is, we are all about ensuring that self-care is incorporated into the high-quality products that we offer. For...

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The Best Beauty Accessories for Beautiful Eyes

Everyone has their favorite feature, and understanding how to play it to your advantage is something that you should know how to do. When it comes to your eyes, there are only three beauty products that you need so that you can feel beautiful each and every time. Now, we know that there is much more that goes into some of the beautiful masterpieces that our customers are capable of creating, but when it comes to the bare minimum of essentials, there are only three pieces that you should always have on hand, and these are them. Mascara It takes but one walk through the makeup aisles at your local store to realize that there are about 7 different brands...

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