Why Sunscreen is a Must

It is so easy to forget how high temperatures can get in the peak of summer. Even a little bit of time spent outside can result in a brutal sunburn and long term downfalls with your skin. For that reason, so many new products are being sold with SPF as an active ingredient. If you’re stuck on the idea that any product with SPF in it is going to feel like the watered down sunscreen you lather up with before heading to the pool (but seriously, hopefully, your lotion isn’t too watery), then it’s time to change your mindset.

At Beauty It Is, we are all about ensuring that self-care is incorporated into the high-quality products that we offer. For that reason, we wanted to cover a few of the reasons that you should consider investing specifically in the products that include SPF.

Skin Cancer

One of the most well known, long-term results of sun exposure is skin cancer. While it may not seem like the odds of this happening are exactly high, the truth is that the chances are much more likely than you would imagine, or even guess. A study was conducted that showed more than half adults interviewed had gotten a sunburn in the last 12 months.

That means that over 50% of the people asked had experienced enough exposure to the sun to where they wound up with a sunburn. That being said, more people experience cancer in their lifetime than any other type of cancer. The commonality in that prove how the statistics may seem unlikely, but the chances are ultimately higher.


If an even skin tone is something that you’d like, then you now have two reasons that you should be preparing yourself to stay out of the sun. Discoloration of your skin is another common issue that can happen when you spend too much time in the sun. This occurs when your body is producing too much, or too little, melanin. This is not only one of the results of too much time in the sun, but also one of the ones that can’t exactly be treated. It is known as one of the most common forms of sun damage.

Extra Protection

One of the main reasons that we think it’s great to use products that already have SPF as an ingredient is because it’s usually in products that you’re already going to be using. From chapstick to foundation and moisturizer, companies are seeing the benefit to adding this ingredient and are including it more often than not.

What makes this such a great ingredient to add is that it doesn’t change any of the textures or pigment of the product that it’s added to, but it still provides the same benefits. At that point, it makes sense to use these products over the standard ones, because you’ll benefit more from that regardless.

When you need high-quality skin care products, you can count on Beauty It Is to carry them. In fact, we have an entire section dedicated to protection and moisturizing products. Browse it today and you’ll see that there are so many different products that you can choose from to keep your skin looking, and feeling, incredible.

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