Pucker Up, Gorgeous!

    Your lips are an important attribute to your face. Whether you’re a nude lip lover, or a lover of being bold, different shades can do different things for your lips. Finding the perfect shade for your skin tone can really enhance your look! There are thousands of lip shades out there, and everyone has different skin tones and complexions…So how will you choose the right one?


Have no fear! This is what makeup stores are for.

    The first step in finding the right color is finding one that looks good with your complexion. Apply different shades and colors to your wrist, to see how each color looks with your skin tone. Or simply ask a professional to test some shades that look great on you. When all is said and done, the color that makes you feel gorgeous is the right color for you and your lips.

Different skin tones, different shades

Fair Skin: Usually a pop of color works best with fair skin. Bold reds and deep colors will really make your skin and lips pop. A color to avoid would be yellow or anything too light because you may appear washed out! Try Clinique #6 Poppy Pop for that bold red you desire.

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Olive Skin: Consider yourself lucky! A lot of shades go with a medium skin tone, especially nude, pink and orange. Just focus on having your shade match that killer outfit you’re wearing! A great color to try would be Elizabeth Arden’s Moisturizing Lipstick #32 Rosy Shimmer for a beautiful every day pink shine.

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Dark Skin: Deep shades are where it’s at with darker skin. A dark purple or red will really accentuate your lips and give you that bold, determined look you desire! Avoid brighter shades, unless you really want to make a statement. Try this gorgeous plum color by Estee Lauder, available on our website.


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Okay, but there are many different KINDS of lip wear.

Trial and error is the best method for this situation. There are lipsticks, glosses, tints, mattes, moisturizers, oh my! If you are looking for something subtle to wear throughout the day, try tinted balms, or moisturizers. These will give you a soft look that you can keep casual.

If you are in the mood for something a little more intense, try a bold lipstick color!  Just remember to reapply when needed. Lipstick is important to keep up with. Always check your pearly whites for leftover color!



Application Time!

Applying can be tricky, but there are a few important steps you can follow in order to have luscious lips all day long. First, exfoliate and moisturize your lips to prepare them for your lipstick. This will make the application process much easier, because chapped lips can ruin the look. It’s also important to add a liner (on the inner line of your lips) that matched your lipstick shade. This will help you to be in control of your application, and give a more finished look. Once you apply, it is important you blot your lips with a tissue to give your lips a softer look, and prevent any excess lipstick from getting on your teeth!



Carry your favorite color with you so you can apply those much needed touch ups throughout the day! The best part about makeup is that you can have fun with it. Each day if different – wear according to your outfit, mood or skin tone. There are no rules, so have fun with your look! As long as you’re willing to manage your lips when you get a sec, your lips will be the talk of the town!


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