Skin Care Mistakes You Can Avoid - Part 2

In our last blog post, we covered a few of the commonly made mistakes that people are doing to their skin. Each of the things we have covered and will cover today, are simple things that can create the dry, blotchy skin that you have as well as acne, excessive oil and other skin issues that make you self-conscious. The team at Beauty It Is has used a variety of the skin care products that we offer to you, and we also take into consideration all of the things we’ve mentioned in this blog series. Check out these other things that could be factoring into the condition of your skin.

Poor Diet

While the food that you eat greatly affects the rest of your body, it also has a direct effect on the way that your skin looks. If you have a food that is high in oil, chances are that you’ll see this oil make it’s way right back out through the pores of your face. This added oil is what can create breakouts or leave that shiny look on your face that requires extra powder makeup that can also lead to clogged pores, blackheads and additional breakouts. If it seems like you can’t win with this, there are a few different face cleansers that you can use to minimize this. This Oil Control Face Wash by Lab Series is a great product to use when trying to minimize oil on your skin, but ultimately it comes down to making sure you do minimize the amounts of oily food you eat.

Not Taking It All Off

Makeup can definitely hide any visible issues on your face that you’d rather not deal with, but leaving that makeup on overnight will only make the issues worse. One of the best things that you can do for your skin is taking the time to remove your makeup at the end of every day. Whether you choose to use makeup remover cleansing towelettes or a liquid solution like this high quality Take the Day Off Makeup Remover by Clinique, you’ll see the results of healthy skin just by doing this one little thing.

Too Much Hot Water

If you’re a fan of those scalding hot showers, then it might be time to dial it down. While these hot showers feel great, they’re awful on our skin. These showers can leave your skin dry, flakey and irritated. If you are a fan of hot water, finding a moisturizer that works with your skin needs to be made a priority. While moisturizing can counter some of the damage done by hot water, you’re more likely to love the feel and look of your skin if you start taking lukewarm showers or washing your face with cooler water. If you’re looking for a great product, this Organic, Pure Shea Butter is a great one to try, and it smells incredible!

Having beautiful skin may feel difficult to obtain, but it’s entirely possible if you’re taking the right steps. We hope these tips have provided some insight into what you could be doing to finally achieve the skin you’ve craved.

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