Save the Day Using Color Wow Root Cover Up

There are days when you find yourself in an emergency situation, just when your hair is not at its best. At such moment you might have no time to visit your hairdresser. This, however, shouldn't make you feel confused about what to do with your hair. Color wow root cover is an excellent solution to your bad hair day.
What makes this product so unique?
This product is for you if you have gray hair roots. The product works instantly in helping you conceal the roots. It comes in powder form, which is accompanied by a two-sided brush for applying. One side of the brush has long thick bristles while the other has short bristles. To get better root application, closer to the scalp, use the shorter bristles. This side also gives you better control over areas framing your face.
Color wow root cover up
Instant Results
Color wow root cover up gives you instant results. Unlike creams that require you clean your hair after application, then blow dry it, this product just takes five minutes to camouflage the irritating gray roots. Better still, it lasts for several days and is water and sweat resistant. With this assurance, you can work out as much as you want and swim all you wants without fearing to expose the concealed roots.
The benefit of using Wow Root Cover up gets better with the fact that it doesn't dirty your clothes or pillow. It is also a perfect solution for concealing hair thinness. As long as you use your hands sturdily when applying this product, you are guaranteed of amazing results.
Color wow root cover up
Extensive Uses
In addition to applying it to your hair roots, you can also try it on your eyebrows. You can use the shorter brush to make your eyebrow look wow! The product is available in a variety of colors, and you can choose depending on your hair color. You can get the product in several online stores at a rather affordable price than most other products. However, you shouldn't be skeptical about its low price because the results are just wow!
The product also gives the value for your money. One packet can go for months even if you are using it twice a week. If you are only using the concealer to highlight the most visible parts, then it can last you for a long time.
Necessary Precautions
When applying color to your hair, accidental spills on the face do happen and wow root cover up is no exceptional. In case that happens, all you need is a moist face cloth to wipe off the color. Also as a precaution, when buying this hair product, make sure you go for a lighter color since it tends to be intense black. However, if your hair color is also intense black, there is no harm using the darkest of the product colors.

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