3 Healthy Hair Commandments

Who doesn’t want to boost their hair game? No one, that’s who. Odds are, you already trim your ends regularly… Use dry shampoo at least every other day… So what’s left?

 You don’t need to give up your styled locks, you just need to get a bit more strategic. Follow these top 3 hair commandments to keep your hair extra healthy.

Rule No. 1: Be Extra Cautious with Wet Hair

Your wet locks are a lot more fragile than dry hair, period. Don’t get aggressive with your shampoo, keep your lather from roots to mid-shaft.

  1. Use sulfate-free product and opt for an apple cider rinse once a month.
  2. Don’t use a towel. Instead, grab an old t-shirt or a roll of paper towels. This alternative keeps flyaways at bay, plus it’ll reduce the length of time you need to use heat on your hair. Squeeze the moisture out of your hair, don’t rub it!
  3. Dry shampoo is your friend, BUT use it properly. After applying and distributing the product using your fingertips, grab your blow dryer. You’ll want to blow out the product from roots to ends, this will give you lighter, cleaner looking locks.


Not all combs and brushes are designed to minimize damage! Opt for a high quality detangling brush that’s designed for use on both wet and dry hair - the best part? This brush does it all, for every type of hair.


Rule No. 2: Be Strategic With Heat

We all know to avoid using heat on your hair. Opt for an affordable, high-end hair protectant (one of our favorites is 10 miracle oil Plus Keratin) - - - never forget this step, no matter how lazy you’re feeling!

On the days when you simply can’t go without heat, try to air dry your hair for as long as possible. You can smooth frizz, flyaways and natural waves with a salon-worthy flat iron. This one’s specifically designed to minimize the damage to your hair thanks to specially designed plates that are composed of an advanced ceramic and tourmaline material.

Rule No. 3: Incorporate Natural Remedies

Believe it or not, stress can show on your hair! Maintain a relaxing lifestyle (we personally love yoga and meditation) - - - you’ll actually see it shine through your hair!

Once a week, use olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil from scalp to ends. Slightly warm the oil and massage throughout, leaving it on for one hour before washing. If you don’t have oil to spare, you can opt for bananas or even honey.

In our era of multi-colored dye jobs, blowout bars and Pinterest-worthy updos, we’re all on a much needed hunt to boost the strength, shine and luster of our hair. Maintain these rules and you’ll have Rapunzel hair in no time.


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