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3 Healthy Hair Commandments

Who doesn’t want to boost their hair game? No one, that’s who. Odds are, you already trim your ends regularly… Use dry shampoo at least every other day… So what’s left?  You don’t need to give up your styled locks, you just need to get a bit more strategic. Follow these top 3 hair commandments to keep your hair extra healthy. Rule No. 1: Be Extra Cautious with Wet Hair Your wet locks are a lot more fragile than dry hair, period. Don’t get aggressive with your shampoo, keep your lather from roots to mid-shaft. Use sulfate-free product and opt for an apple cider rinse once a month. Don’t use a towel. Instead, grab an old t-shirt or a roll...

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Luxe Beauty On A Budget: Our Top 3 Favorites

Ladies, it’s time to treat yourself. If you’re anything like us, every now and then you want to splurge on beauty goodies… Few things feel better than unwrapping a handful of luxuriously decadent products that scream, “HELLO, GORGEOUS”. With that in mind, no one ever said you have to break the bank! Our team of beauty experts is constantly on the prowl for ultimate products to make you feel like Beyonce on a budget. When in doubt.. Opt for GOLD. 1. Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil by Oribe-  You can’t live without hair oil, especially when seasons transition. Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil by Oribe not only soothes away flyaways, it restores hair to its most luscious luster. Its natural ingredients...

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