Tips for Moisturizing Your Skin

Your skin is fueled by moisture, and regardless of where you live, chances are that you’ve experienced a point in time where your skin was brutally dry and you were searching for some way to get back that healthy glow. Moisturizing is one of the most difficult things to constantly stay on top of when trying to improve your skin care, especially when you have to work around skin types, products and more. At Beauty It Is, we carry the high-quality skin care products that you need to have that beautiful skin back, but we’ve also got a few tips that you can take into consideration so that the odds are in your favor.

Moisturize After a Shower

Showering is something we all do but rarely do we realize how much the water that we are in strips our skin of its moisture. The hotter and shower that your longer is, the more moisture that your skin is losing. The best time to moisturize is within the first 3 to 5 minutes after you first get out of the shower. This is the time that your skin is going to be looking for ways to replenish the moisture that was lost and it will soak up all of the nutrients and rehydrate from the moisturizer that you’re using.

Know Your Skin Type

Skin type is always going to play a part in the choice of product that you have and how often that you use it. While every skin type does need to have a moisturizer as a portion of the skin care regimen, not every product is going to be the right product for your skin. When you browse the variety of moisturizers that are available, make sure to check what type of skin type the moisturizer works best for, or use it more or less frequently based on how dry your skin is. Over moisturizing can create an oily base, which can then lead to breakouts, while not moisturizing enough can lead to dry skin patches and irritation. It might take a bit of playing around, but understanding your skin type is crucial.

Protect Your Skin

Moisturizer provides your skin with quite a bit of nutrients and allows for the elasticity that your skin needs to look healthy, but it isn’t only the moisturizer that can provide you with incredible skin. If you’re looking to provide your skin with everything that it needs to look beautiful, then you need to look into products that offer a variety of benefits to your skin. One of the main things that you can do is invest in a moisturizer that also provides you with protection from the sun. SPF moisturizer is incredibly easy to find but will leave you with the long term benefits of protection from the harsh UV rays.

Browse the selection of moisturizers that we carry here at Beauty It Is and orders yours online today. When you pair this with a healthy and thought out skin care routine, you’re able to not only achieve but maintain, the healthy glow that you love.

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